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Date: 16 Oct 2014

American manufacturer BUCK USA, is the dominating market leader for knives. All models are lightweight, comfortable handles.

The blades are suitable for everyday use and for tactical training and hunting.

Date: 08 Oct 2014

Made and certified by European standards: EN 20347: 2004 for occupational footwear.

These shoes can be used for work, tactical training and everyday life. VIBRAM outsole provides traction and mobility is an integral part of the whole range of shoes offered by the company.


Date: 15 Aug 2014

Air rifles Hatsan Quiet Energy

Date: 23 Apr 2014

New modifications of Hatsan PCP air rifles AT44 and BT65 - Quiet Energy Series - with Fully Shrouded Barrel and Integrated Sound Moderator.

NEW! Hatsan Vortex

Date: 17 Jan 2013

New line air rifles from Hatsan. Energy Source is gas piston, replacing the spring. The new models with gas piston are: Hatsan 125 and 125 TH, Hatsan 125 Sniper, Hatsan 1000S, Hatsan 80 and Hatsan 90

Hatsan’s new Mod25 SuperCharger

Date: 15 Jun 2012

XRS - Recoil Reduction System
Caliber - 4.5 mm. / 5.5 mm.


New Hatsan AT-P1

Date: 15 Jun 2012

The newest model of air gun Hatsan AT-P1
Caliber - 4.5 mm. / 5.5 mm. / 6.35 mm.


New BT65 Elite from Hatsan

Date: 15 Jun 2012

The new PCP rifle Hatsan BT65 Elite RB / SB
Caliber - 4.5 mm. / 5.5 mm. / 6.35 mm.
Packed in its hard case with a sling, bipod, flashlight, 3 magazines and Optima 3-12x44AOE scope.