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Blank pistol Bruni Gap


Blank pistol Bruni Gap

Caliber - 9 mm P.A.K
Sight - fixed
Cover - Black
Length - 202 mm
Material - metal alloy frame and handle of polymers
Weight (empty) - 650 g
Operation of trigger - single
Magazine capacity - 11

  • Code: 000107
  • Weight: 0.650 Kgs
Price: 116.00лв.

Blank pistol model Bruni Gap is a copy of the Austrian gun battle "Glock 17". It is equipped with all elements of the original-guard, mechanical measuring devices, closed fluid from the left side of the frame and a button to release the magazine. As for Glock, frame and handle are made in one piece of polymer. Available in a kit with a socket for launching flares.