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Air pistol Crosman Benjamin Pistol HB22 5.5 mm.- Out of stock!


Air pistol Crosman Benjamin Pistol HB22 5.5 mm.

Caliber: 5.5 mm
Muzzle velocity: 140 m/s
Length: 31.1 cm
Weight: 1133 g
Ammunition: BBS-type steel shot cups or 5,5 mm.
Air pistol Crosman Benjamin Pump Pistol HB22 5.5 mm. able to adjust the initial speed. The regulation is done by pumping air gun - (3-8 pumps).
Because this durable air pistol is finely crafted from exceptional elements, it's a pleasure to own and shoot.  The HB22 has hand finished American Hardwood grips and a precision tuned rifled brass barrel.  Variable power from the multi stroke pneumatic give you up to 460 fps.  The single shot HB22 loads with an easy operating bolt action.

  • Code: 000181
  • Manufacturer: CROSMAN
  • Weight: 1.133 Kgs
Price: 346.50лв.