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Air pistol Walther CP99 Compact


Air pistol Walther CP 99 Compact

Caliber: 4,5 mm.
Muzzle velocity: 110 m/s
Energy source: CO2
Overall length: 165 mm.
Barrel length: 85 mm.
Ammunition: BBs
Magazine capacity: 18 pcs.
Weight: 770 g.

  • Code: 000189
  • Manufacturer: UMAREX
  • Weight: 0.770 Kgs
Price: 269.00лв.

This compacted version of the Walther P99 is modeled after the gun used by special forces as their back-up pistol. This popular CO2 powered BB air pistol captures realism with its BLOWBACK, semi-automatic action and features a Picatinny mount to allow easy installation of accessories such as a Walther Laser Sight. A 12g CO2 cylinder loads in the back of the grip and the BB magazine releases with the push of a realistic magazine release lever. The recoil action made live by the power of CO2 kicks the slide back giving you that oh-so-realistic feel. A great pistol for target games and owners of the P99 Compact or similar firearms.